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Pricing Information

Pricing Overview
The price of a complete business software solution can range from $5,000 to $500,000 USD or more, and there's no short answer to where your company fits in that range. Why? Because we want to give you enough flexibility to license the features, functions, and services that are right for your business. We don't want you to pay for anything you don't use.

Together, Compass Technologies and Microsoft Business Solutions offer business management software and services that help organizations automate processes, make more profitable decisions, and accelerate growth.

How is Price Determined?
One of our Compass Authorized Partners will help you choose the right components for your business, configure them properly, and make sure your company gets the ongoing training and support you need.

The cost of your total business solution can depend on:

  • The business and related software your company needs.
  • The number of users and their particular access rights.
  • The level of service that's right for your company.
Software Components
Some IT consultants focus on solution functionality from the start and are ready to quote a price immediately. What's wrong with that? Well, the solution you end up with might not match your real business needs. Compass Authorized Partners are trained to work with you to identify your business needs, and only then, map out a solution that fits your business.

Together with your Compass Authorized Partner, you choose from software components available in each business area (such as financial management or retail management) to build the solution that best meets your needs. This way, you avoid licensing unnecessary functionality.

The Number of Users and Access Rights
In addition to licensing software components, you need user licenses to give your employees access to functionality within the software.

Most users are typically granted restricted access to the system. Unlike many other business solutions, however, with Compass user licenses, you only pay for the users accessing the system at any one time. If you have 20 individuals who need to access the system, but no more than 15 of them will be accessing the system at any one time, then you only pay for 15 licenses.

The Type of Service You Choose
Your local Compass Authorized Partner offers on-site services that complement the support, training, and product upgrades you receive with our service plans. You can choose from a broad selection of plans to best serve your organization.

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