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How to Buy

Buying Overview
Obtaining a new business management solution is a big and important project. Your critical business data will reside within it. It will become part of your everyday business processes. Not only does your new solution have to meet your current needs, it also has to address your future goals. What does it take to drive such a project successfully? The information below will give you an idea of what's involved in acquiring a new business application, and how Compass Technologies can contribute to your overall success.

The Buying Process
Our products are delivered by a worldwide network of partner organizations that share our commitment to lasting customer relationships. Our partners provide personalized, local service—from planning, to implementation, to ongoing support. They help make sure you receive the business solution best suited for your precise needs.

1. Find a Partner
2. Make a Plan
3. Document Requirements
4. Choose a Solution
5. Launch a Solution

1. Find a partner.

It's important to find a consultant who you feel comfortable working with. Look for someone who:

  • Understands your local market and industry.
  • Wants to involve you in the selection and implementation process.
  • Has the necessary resources and proven experience.
Contact us for help with finding a partner.

2. Make a plan.

Some IT consultants focus on product functionality from the start, and are ready to quote a price immediately. The problem with this approach is that you risk ending up with a solution that does not match your real business needs. Look for a partner who:
  • Identifies your business needs first.
  • Is willing to work closely with your key functional managers.
  • Maps out a solution that fits your business.
Compass Authorized Partners work with you to understand your business needs and goals. In order to become authorized, partners must be Microsoft Certified on Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains). This means they have to prove their expertise not only in Microsoft technology, but also in business areas, such as accounting, e-commerce and supply chain management.

3. Document your requirements.

Your consultant should provide a complete list of features required to support the processes identified in the planning stage. This documentation, which should include a budget and timeframe, helps give the project focus and set expectations.

4. Choose a solution.

Your consultant should map the list of required features to the products they know. They can then recommend a solution or solutions (software plus customizations) that match the needs of your business. Compass Authorized Partners are experts in Microsoft technology. In addition, many of our partners have developed industry-specific expertise with solutions that are integrated with Compass Technologies and Microsoft Business Solutions products.

5. Launch the solution.

After a thorough job in the previous steps, you should be ready for a successful implementation together with your partner. Compass Authorized Partners can help you develop and test customizations, interfaces, and data conversion tools; train end users; convert data; and launch the system. At every step of the way, the Compass Technologies team of experts is available to help "chart a course for your business success!" 

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