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Compass Product Testing Complete on 18.5, including 2023 Mid-Year and 2022 Year-End 

Testing complete for GP versions 18.5.1556, 18.5.1596, and 18.5.1661

Updated on 8/2/2023

Addotek Announces Acquisition of Compass Technologies

Cadillac, MI. (September 5, 2022)

Updated on 9/7/2022

Compass's New Phone Number: 


Please update your records

Updated on 4/20/2022

Compass Products Finished Testing on GP 18.4.1361

Feel Free to Upgrade to GP 18.4

Updated on 11/6/2021

Compass Products tested on GP Mid-Year releases: 2018.3.1290 and 16.00.0901

Feel Free to Upgrade to MY for version 18.3 and 2016

Updated on 7/13/2021

Compass Technologies Office and Support Holidays for 2021

Compass will celebrate holidays for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years 

Updated on 1/22/2021

Compass Products tested on GP 18.3 YE (2018.3.1200).  Retail Point of Sale requires a compatibility build. Other products good-to-go. 

Please upgrade POS to 18.3 a00

Updated on 12/29/2020

Feel Free to Upgrade to GP 18.3: Compass Product Testing Complete

Compass Products Tested Successfully, no compatibility builds necessary

Updated on 11/2/2020

Compass Compatibility for the New Microsoft Dynamics GP (18.2.1013) now available for most Compass Products. Please wait for RC. 


Testing complete and v2018.2 code available for all but RC

Updated on 12/30/2019

Testing Complete for Year End on GP2015 YE, GP2016 YE, and 2018.2 YE

Compass products for YE good to go. Feel free to upgrade.

Updated on 12/16/2019

Compass Products tested for GP 2018 R2 Compatibility

If using RSVP, please wait upgrade to v RSVP 18 a01

Updated on 10/18/2019

GP 2015 YE Testing Complete

Compass Products good to go--unless you use the MTX Prepacks feature

Updated on 12/12/2018

GP 2016 YE Testing Complete

MTX Prepack users, please wait. Major Compass Products Good to Go on GP 2016 YE (16.00.0741)

Updated on 12/11/2018

Compass Product Compatibility with Microsoft GP 2018 Now Available for POS, IVX, MTX, RSVP, SCI, TAG & EPP

Compatibility releases now posted for all Compass products except RC

Updated on 9/18/2018

2017 Year-End Compatibility Testing Complete for GP2016, GP2015, and GP2013

Upgrade at your convenience

Updated on 12/4/2017

Compass Products Now Available for GP 2016

Compatibility releases for Compass products are ready

Updated on 6/2/2016

Retail Point of Sale v2015 d05 Newly Released

POS 14 d05 now available

Updated on 4/19/2016

Matrix Inventory v2015 b01 now available--with Optimized Reconcile Utility

New & Improved Matrix Reconcile Utility

Updated on 3/3/2016

Compass Testing is Complete for GP 2015 and GP 2013 Year End

All Compass Products Good to Go as-is on GP YE

Updated on 2/1/2016

Compass Products Now Compatible with GP2015 R2

Tested GP version is 14.00.0804 (R2)

Updated on 12/9/2015

Compass phone system

Updated on 5/9/2015

Compass products tested for GP v2010 Year-End update

Compass products good to go on GP 11.00.2351 (SP4 with YE)

Updated on 12/2/2014

POS v2010 b05 Problem-Fix Service Pack Just Released

Compatible with GP 2010 SP1, SP2, or SP3

Updated on 4/29/2014

POS v2013 a04 Problem-Fix Release Now Available

Compatible with GP SP2 and YE tax update

Updated on 4/23/2014

TECH ALERT: Matrix Inventory compatibility version now available for  Dynamics GP YE Tax update, v12.00.1538
Fix available for error 'Wrong number of arguments to 'MatchShipIvc'.
Updated on 3/26/2014

Compass Products Now Tested on GP 2013 SP2. If you use MTX or POS, please plan on upgrading to the latest compatibility versions
Matrix Inventory and Retail Point of Sale require compatibility versions
Updated on 1/17/2014

RSVP now tested for US Payroll Year End Updates on both GP2010 & GP2013
Rehabilitation Service & Vocational Payroll tested on YE for GP 2010 & 2013
Updated on 12/17/2013

Compass Products Now Tested on GP 2010 SP4. If you use MTX, please plan on upgrading to the latest compatibility version
Matrix Inventory compatibility version required for SP4
Updated on 11/15/2013

Compass' Product Suite Features and Benefits Guide

A comprehensive list of the essential features and functionality of Compass products.

Updated on 8/1/2013

Compass Blog released on – Point of Sale Buyers Guide
Read our blog, “5 Features to Look For In a Point of Sale System”
Updated on 7/15/2013

Compass Article released in The GP Optimizer Magazine Summer 2013 Edition -- Can a Sound Technology Investment Drive Retailer Success?
Download and read our article, “Improve Customer Experience: Simplify Your Point of Sale System”
Updated on 7/11/2013

TECH ALERT: "Compass registration date has expired..." Fix now available for v2010 "Remember this company" checkbox incompatibility.
Compass compatibility with "Remember" in GP Company Login
Updated on 6/5/2013

Compass Compatibility Release for GP v2013 Now Available--Including Testing on SP1
Compass products available on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
Updated on 5/28/2013

RSVP tested with GP year-end tax update service packs--and the January GP hotfix as well. V2010 USERS, PLEASE UPGRADE TO RSVP a01 for compatibility.
Rehabilitation Service and Vocational Payroll year end testing complete
Updated on 4/5/2013

Compass Products Now Tested with GP 2010 Service Pack 3. If you use MTX, EPP, or RSVP, please plan on upgrading to the latest compatibility versions.

Matrix Inventory, Electronic Payment Processing, and Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Payroll require compatibility versions

Updated on 2/20/2013

New Pole Display Support Now Available in POS 2010 b01, Newly Released! Requires GP R2 or greater

Feature Release

Updated on 4/20/2012

TECH ALERT: Matrix Inventory Incompatible with Dynamics GP In-Transit Transfer
Data Corruption Issue in versions prior to b06 in version 10 and prior to a01 in version 11 
Updated on 10/11/2011

New MTX release available for GP 2010 R2. 

All Compass Products are now compatible with R2.  MTX requires v2010 a01 and POS requires v2010 a02. Please don't upgrade without also upgrading MTX and POS when appropriate.

Updated on 9/7/2011

EPP & ProtoBase Users: Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 and Windows Vista requires Compatibility Mode
Issues with IE9 on ProtoBase if not in Compatibility Mode
Updated on 6/2/2011

Tech Alert: Matrix Inventory now compatible with Microsoft GP version 10 service pack 5; other Compass Products also good to go
Version 10 Compatibility
Updated on 1/12/2011

Visit Our Booth at Convergence, April 24 - 27, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia

Microsoft Event

Updated on 4/28/2010

Compass Privacy Statement
Updated on 3/30/2010

Compass Earned "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics" Accreditation

IVX Accreditation

Updated on 3/29/2010

Internet Explorer 8 requires "Compatibility View" for Compass website
Compatibility issues with IE8
Updated on 6/3/2009

Version 9 Matrix Inventory Now Compatible with GP Service Pack 4 - DO NOT Upgrade to GP SP4 Without MTX 9.0 b05
Matrix Inventory Service Pack Version 9.0 b05
Updated on 2/3/2009

Curious About PCI Compliance?

PCI compliance drives EPP

Updated on 8/29/2008

Scheduled Maintainence: Website will be going down at 5 pm EST 8/20/2008
Updated on 8/20/2008